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Amongst the stars, arabian gastronomy and your destiny

Maktub is an Arabian word which means that everything that is already written and everything which is destined to happen, will find a way of making itself happen. An inspiring message which invites us to trust, to relax in life and to restore our faith in that we are part of our own unique plan. […]
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Umami, the taste of flavor

The breeze of the Mediterranean makes dance the fine needles of the centennial Majorcan pine that shelters us under its robust shadow. They move lightly, in a rhythmic and slow swing, which accompanies the clouds that cross, as if on tiptoe and without wanting to attract attention, the blue sky of this charming little house […]
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Mallorca, the birthplace of a new leisure concept

Umami Group opens its first beach club in Mallorca The 4th of June is the chosen date for which the doors of Um The Beach House La Calita will be opening, in which a new leisure concept in Mallorca will be established, inspired by adventure and Mediterranean character. A project born on the Balearic island […]
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